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Dr. Michael Dieter

"Dear Regener-eyes,
These are a few of my conclusions with Regener-Eyes eye drops after using the product for the past year: Regener-Eyes eye drops have been a welcomed addition to our dry eye practice and helpful to many types of dry eye and ocular surface disease patients. Two of my own family members have benefited from this product by using it over the past 6 and 9 months respectively. The attributes of the natural ingredients of Regener-Eyes provide cumulative improvement in clinical signs and symptoms of discomfort associated with dry eye disease. In addition, patients commonly experience less infection and improvements over light sensitivity after being on the eye drop for 2 weeks. In cases of corneal integrity compromise, due to prolonged and multiple anti glaucoma medicine use, best correctable visual acuity improved from 20/60 to 20/20 and allowed normal reading function to be restored. If patients exhausted Regener-Eyes eye drop supply before being able to refill it, three days was generally a tipping point before familiar symptoms would again return without the drop. Regener-Eyes eye drops have been found beneficial for gaining control with "out of control" conditions when other therapy has failed. Following this control phase, some patients continue to use the drops continuously to manage their condition. For others, once a sustained period of homeostasis was maintained with Regener-Eyes drops, they were able to discontinue use of the drops and manage their condition with conventional therapy. Regener-Eyes is not considered the answer to anterior blepharitis, conjunctivochalasis, demodex or pseudo dry eye factors. It is however, helpful in many types of dry eye disease applications. Conveniently available in solution form for 1-2 applications per day, it does not disturb visual acuity more than momentarily, similar to any artificial tear." - Dr. Michael Dieter | www.dryeyeclinic.net